In the beginning, there was chaos and silence...

Award for the Best Street Arts Show at Festival de Teatro de Castilla y León 2023.

It is a production that intervenes with architectural and cultural heritage through videomapping and the use of the pipe organ. Part of the creative process took place at the Foundation of the prestigious organist  Francis Chapelet Foundation in Abarca de Campos (Palencia).


In the beginning it was chaos and silence. Then the ancestral sound and the voice and the bodies emerged, melting and transmuting into forms, melodies and colors "The Word became flesh" giving meaning and order to all that cosmic generating process with which the greatest epic of the Universe that this show recreates: the process of hominization first and humanization later that goes from the old Neanderthal to the new Sapiens. A journey that allows us to interpret human evolution as the conquest of freedom, from submission to chaos and disorder, to reaching the liberation of the possible and impossible through body language, music and the deployment of self-awareness. as the pinnacle of the whole process.

All this and much more is what is represented in this dance, theater, circus, video art, vocal and organ music show, covered by a fantastic multimedia, embedded in the stones of our patrimonial treasure.

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Idea and Direction: David Vento & Logela Multimedia

Dancers: Víctor Lázaro, Anthony Yung, Paola Cabello Schoenmakers, Silberius de Ura, David Vento

Music: Silberius de Ura – Neonymus

Organist: Jesús Ayerra

Pictures: Logela Multimedia


Duration: 1 hour

Francis Chapelet Foundation Artist-in-Residence

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